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Power plate is one of the best gyms I have been to. The workouts that they give truly help with body image I have been working towards. Ariana and Matt push me to be the best I can be at their gym. Not only do I go to this gym, but my whole entire family goes and they enjoy their time there. This gym is wonderful and it can truly work with any schedule. I would recommend it to anyone that I know.

-Najdeni Family


Working out at BVibrant has personally allowed me to continue being active. Exercising three times a week has improved my strength, flexibility, circulation and balance. I have been able to continue to play softball, hike and do the things I enjoy doing. I’m living better and definitely feeling better then ever before. 

-Mary M.


After being diagnosed with RA a few years ago, I wanted to find an exercise regimen that would be lower impact, but still provide the results that I could feel and see. I read about Power Plate and BVibrant and tried it. That was over 4 years ago and I am still a satisfied client. 

-Monica M


I came to BVibrant because I was 75 and felt that I was weak and I wanted to travel. My balance was not good and my stamina was poor. Through analyzing my strengths and weaknesses the Power Plate and Bemer have helped me greatly. The support and positive attitudes from Matt, Ariana and everyone at BVibrant keeps me coming back and that is what I need.

-Jean E


I have been attending Power Plate workouts for years. Here’s why:

*I like that the workouts are varied everyday 

*I like the small studio/class size

*I like that the 30 minute workout is equivalent to an hour and a half of normal workouts

Most importantly, I like the results:

*Muscle and body toning

*Great training for skiing or high intensity workouts — legs never feel tired or sore!

-Chris C

The Power Plate has really helped with my inflammation caused by reactive arthritis. I enjoy both 1-1 and group classes using weights on the Power Plate. I also enjoy the yoga classes. Bvibrant is fantastic!

-Lisa C

Great atmosphere and high energy environment all around! As someone who has a physically challenging job, I need the motivation!! Consistently making every workout feel “one on one”. Always aware of posture and form. When dealing with injury, always from over use at work, they are always quick to change a workout to avoid further irritation. They are amazing people! Highly recommend becoming a part of our family! 

-Jacquie G


Several friends encouraged me to try out BVibrant and I admit I was hesitant. I did an individual lesson where they instructed on how the plate works and the many benefits and science behind it.

I did my 3 trial classes and was hooked. 

Matt and Ariana do a great job of explaining each exercise, what muscles should be engaging and stressing correct form. 

Classes are small, friendly and quick, yet it’s a good workout. Each session is a different workout so it’s never monotonous. I’ve been doing it for a couple of years and still look forward to the next time.

-Kim W

Prior to being introduced to Bvibrant, I spent over 50 years hating exercise. I would start and quit and exercise program within a week. I have been regularly doing a bi-weekly Power Plate wporkout at Bvibrant for over two years now. Ariana and Matt love being trainer and their enthusiasm and energy makes going to the gym fun. Ariana constantly changes the Power Plate routine which keeps it from getting boring. I feel that I am gently pushed to increase my strength and endurance. As a middle-aged person, I am proud of the gains that I have made since joining Bvibrant. I highly recommend giving Bvibrant and Power Plate a try - you will not be dissapointed!

-Francesca P

I have been taking private Power Plate sessions with Ariana at B-Vibrant for the last 18 months.  Ariana has helped me recover quickly from hip replacement surgery and my strength and endurance have steadily improved. I find Ariana and Matt to be very knowledgeable and they make workouts fun.

-Alison M

Joined BVibrant studio a little over 10 years ago. Best gym/studio decision I could have made. Very happy with the Power Plate technology. The workouts are always different and the owners do a fantastic job on explaining what we are doing and how it affects my body. Personally I started in group sessions and then moved to private sessions. That worked best for me. Definite 10 stars from me!

-Robert S

My 8 reasons to join

1. 20 minutes on the Power Plate = 3 times the workout

2. Classes are always different

3. Customizable workouts

4. Builds my mental strength

5. Builds frame of mind to eat right

6. I had a severe heart attack followed by 8 broken ribs and punctured lung. Power Plate and Bemer has made me stronger at 69 years old than I was at 52

7. Friendly, understanding, and encouraging owners and trainers

8. As we grow older there is NO such thing as spending too much on your own health

-Dawn B

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